Quarantine Project turned into a business...

In 2020, a world wide pandemic called COVID-19 sent most of the country into quarantine. Many people were forced inside and while looking for things to do, their creativity ran wild. This is exactly what happened to Heather, Creator/Founder of TOPBUN. 

" You really learn that you have tons of great ideas when you are forced to just sit at home..."


TOPBUN was created by Heather Morfeld, a female entrepreneur from St. Louis who has a background in fashion merchandising and some sewing skills. When mask's became a mandatory thing, Heather started hand crafting masks and matching scrunchies in Spring of 2020. At first she was just doing it for herself so she could have mask/schruncie duo that matched every outfit, but eventually she got so many questions about her look from friends and strangers in the grocery line, that she decided to make a business out of it. 

" It was crazy, I would go to the store and be in the checkout line and some lady behind me would be like, I love how your mask coordinates with your hair and your whole outfit! Where can I get one..."

The name "TOPBUN" comes from the popular, and Heather's signature, hairstyle the top knot or "messy bun", in which you pile a mess of hair right on top your head to make a little bun. Heather is also a fan of puns so she added bunny ears to the original TOPBUN logo.

Heather fully launched TOPBUN in October of 2020 with just a handful of "Bun Bundles" (what she calls the matching mask and scrunchie sets). Since then, Heather has successfully designed and created over 50 different kinds of scrunchie/mask bundles and is moving into other products like headbands, as well as exploring other fabrics like satin, dri-fit, and terry cloth. 

" I was waiting for everything to be perfect but I was inspired by a quote that another female maker friend of mine shared on Instagram...it was something about how if you keep waiting for everything to be perfect, you'll never reach your goals."

TOPBUN also focuses not only on handmade goods, but in supporting other female designers as well as trying to move toward using more eo-friendly materials. 
In Spring of 2021, TOPBUN started offering non-handmade goods like claw clips and hair coils ("Bun Bobbles") sourced from female designers and made from eco-friendly material.

TOPBUN also sources most of it's fabric from a company called FABSCAP. FABSCAP recycles scarp fabric from New York City designers and re-sells it to small business owners. Yay for sustainability! 

"I look forward to supporting more female entrepreneurs and learning more about eco-friendly materials..."

- Heather