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Custom Order

Custom Order

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TOPBUN offers custom orders for various occasions. Need Bridesmaids gifts? Birthday Party Favors? Have a cute shop you need new trendy product to stock with? TOPBUN is here to help! Just download the TOPBUN Custom Order Welcome Packet to begin! The Welcome Packet contains all the nitty gritty details about ordering custom with TOPBUN. 

Some things you should know before proceeding: 

Custom orders are only available in increments of 5. So if you need 8, you will have to order 10 and you'll have 2 extra! 5 is the minimum required to place a custom order.

Typically turnaround time is 5-6 weeks for a custom order, this is based on current shipping times for materials and my own personal schedule. If you need something for an event in 2 weeks - this may not be a good option at the moment. 

Why Does the Welcome Packet Cost Money?

The price for the TOPBUN Custom Order Welcome Packet includes not only the time I spent putting this packet together for you, but also the future time I will spend communicating with you and providing you with a quote for your custom order. If you get your quote back, and decide not to proceed, this price covers my time already spent, which roughly breaks down to paying myself about .10 cents/hour. Thank you for understanding! 

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