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Disco Pink | Satin Scrunchie

Disco Pink | Satin Scrunchie

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Be the life of the party with our Disco Pink Satin Scrunchie! Brighten your look with this trendy and stylish accessory; its fun checkered pattern and luxuriously soft, shiny satin fabric make it a perfect statement piece. Let your inner groovin’ style shine and stand out with this unique scrunchie made here in St.Louis Missouri! What are you waiting for? Get your Disco Pink scrunchie now!

* Why Satin vs. Cotton? 

Cotton scrunchies are moisture absorbing - which can be a good option for workouts, however, it will absorb all the good oils that prevent breakage and split ends. 

By switching to a satin scrunchie, you'll notice healthier hair and your curls or waves will stay intact when you take out a satin scrunchie! 

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